FD Alumni: Andrew Burns

September 17, 2019

A Q&A Session with FD Alumni Andrew Burns

We caught up with Andrew, one of our FD Alumni, to reflect on his time at FD, his background and where he is today.


What are you doing now and what is your role?

I am Clarity Dashboards Dev Lead in Citi.
Clarity is Citi’s next generation Data and Analytics platform for our Custody and Funds services clients. The Clarity portal provides our clients with the tools necessary to access, interact and understand their data using APIs, Reports, NLP and Dashboards. My role specifically involves creating and supporting our client and internal dashboards. I have a global team with developers in Shanghai, Dublin and Tampa.


What do you miss about your days at First Derivatives?

Excluding expenses…I miss the people the most. When on-site in FD, you’re almost guaranteed to have a close bunch of like-minded colleagues in the area. There’s always something going on, some celebration or event etc. Its also nice to have people in your office that you can rely on, even just to run stuff by. I’ve made lots of friends for life in my time there.


What skills do you still use today?

Technology wise, I’m still using similar tech from my time in FD – Qlik, SQL and web technologies.


What was your best experience at FD/What was your proudest moment?

There were too many great experiences to mention in New York. We had amazing weekend trips skiing and rafting in upstate New York, as well as long weekend trips further afield to New Orleans, Miami and Chicago (pictured). My proudest moment was my work on a capital reduction project in a major banking client. I performed the initial analysis and solutioning myself, had key groups agree a plan and finally executed within a short time frame. We were able to save the business $10m in Capital requirements.