Elizabeth – My Technology Sales Story

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By: Elizabeth McConville

On 6th March 2017, two days after turning 26, now officially into the over 25 category and well out of my comfort zone I walked into First Derivatives Newry HQ to begin my career in Technology Sales with Kx. In my short yet fruitful time with the company, I have learned and accomplished a lot both personally and professionally. First Derivatives has provided me with an opportunity to use my skills and education to expand my professional network from New York to Abu Dhabi. I have been working in the Finance team since I started and this has completely opened my eyes to the Financial Industry and how Kx solutions and technology has changed how Banks, Brokers and Hedge Funds carry out their day to day business.

Since I graduated with a degree in Marketing, I have worked within a number of different industries such as retail and even marine science (I will never forget the Lobsters!) all local but not global; FD is a perfect combination of both! If you look at my career so far, it is clear to see that First Derivatives invest in the person and provided one to one training to get me up to par with the rest of my team. I am now a mentor to new starts in First Derivatives and assist with the training of new additions to the tech sales family, as well as the unofficial team event planner and pride myself on organising our Friday Family Lunches. When I started it was a team of 11 on the technology sales side and over the last year I have moved office 3 times as our team has grown to over 30 people. Together we have seen delights that Newry has to offer from the summer BBQ in the stunning Narrow Water Castle singing/screaming to Westlife in the basement to losing more than I care to say betting on horses at the Dundalk races.

Even with all the fun nights out I made time to assist in closing my first sale while working with Stuart Brock (eFX Sales). I contacted R5, a London based FinTech company in the foreign exchange industry, in April 2017 and in January 2018 this company implemented Kx for Flow to power R5-SHCH, a new service that which links banks in China with London’s foreign exchange market. I had the opportunity to watch the UK Prime Minster Theresa May issue the first trade for R5 while on an official visit to China. From never working in sales to winning business within my first year as an employee, I look back now and know that this turned out to be the first of many opportunities to add value to the company on the Finance team. FX Analytics was the first campaign I worked on and has been a real triumph story for me and now with the help of the business development teams and senior management in EMEA and the US, I have now extended my reach to Surveillance, Data Refinery and Machine Learning. When you work in First Derivatives your team goes further that the people sitting beside you, I work daily with senior management in London or NYC building my network from graduates to C Level employees. My day starts in Europe speaking with my contacts in Stockholm or Zurich and finishes in the US with Chicago.

As I mentioned before, First Derivatives have helped me a lot on a personal level with the support I have received from my manager Aislinn Murphy, my team, senior management and HR providing a safe environment and most importantly time to work on my Mental Health. Over the last year, First Derivatives have helped me to address my mental illness and seek support. I have not always felt comfortable discussing my depression and anxiety but the company has helped me open up and realise that it is a lot more common than I thought and by opening up, I’ve inspired others to do so as well, a humbling result of my openness.  In First Derivatives you are never lonely; Technology Sales has a fantastic team and I know for sure that I have made lifelong friendships. I’m looking forward to the many years to come at the company and the future that lies ahead.