Fiona – My Technology Sales Story

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By: Fiona McCann

Fiona-My-Technology-Sales-Story-2My career with FD began in September 2015, and what a journey it is has been. From the outset I was working with C-Level management from my first interview with the COO to my first Strategic Marketing meeting with the CEO in Week One! Pretending to be one of the team and not show my nerves in that meeting is an understatement! From the first welcome, the continued support and investment in my career progression from Director Level has been second to none.

I began my career working within the Marketing Team gaining experience with Kx Meetups, Competitor Analysis, Kx Branding and Social Media. However, working closely with the Technology Sales Team on a daily basis, I felt Business Development was a better fit for me.  My day now starts with conference calls with our Singapore team and ends with client calls in San Francisco. There’s no country that escapes my reach. I am very lucky to be involved in the full Kx sales cycle, from a new client purchasing kdb+ to upselling with Kx Services, Kx Products and Kx Consultancy. As a local lady from Newry, Technology Sales meets all expectations for living local and working global- I work with new clients, cultures and Managing Directors across the globe every day!

My competitive nature has come in handy in this role as I spearhead new campaigns such as Kx On Demand, Kx Cores, Kx Data Refinery and Funds. One of my biggest highlights to date is being involved with originating relationships in San Francisco which has resulted in 4 of our consultants on the ground and further discussions in relation to our Kx product offerings. I am excited to continue my efforts in building out our presence in the West Coast, and further afield.

It’s amazing to work for a company that actively promotes women in technology. First Derivatives has always identified really strong females, which is evident in the number of women in Senior and Leadership roles. I am very proud to say that my own career advancement, knowledge of Finance, New Verticals and Kx Technology is due to the mentorship from within FD, especially from our leading ladies: Victoria Shanks, Ann Conlon and Aislinn Murphy. There is no glass ceiling at FD!!Fiona My Technology Sales Story 1

I would be lying to say it is all work, as our mantra at FD is work hard, play hard!! We love a good gossip on handbags and heels over a few cocktails! Technology Sales is a very sociable group from networking with clients to company events. We enjoy activities from FD sports days, Summer Barbeques, attending rugby games, dancing down the streets in Galway to sipping cocktails on the 50th floor overlooking the Empire State building. I look forward to many more nights and even more memories with colleagues who have become great friends. Thanks to my global friends in particular who have helped me explore the world on a budget with no hotel bills!

I love hearing the stories from our Kx consultants on their travels and take pleasure in that I played a small part in their success. I can’t wait to see where I will be in the next three years. Here’s to the future with FD!