Kate’s Brand Ambassador Journey

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By: Kate Madine


On the 2nd June 2016, I joined First Derivatives plc to commence my placement year working in one of the busiest departments within FD, the Property Department. First Derivatives has over 350 properties in 30 different locations including New York, Munich, Sydney and more recently Milan.  As you can imagine, as cliché as it sounds, there was never a dull day in the department and every day was completely different.

Having had such an enjoyable and exciting placement year, I was eager to secure a role as a Brand Ambassador to encourage other students to apply to First Derivatives so they could also gain the same invaluable experience as I did working for one of the fastest growing technology companies in Ireland.

One of the many perks of working as a Brand Ambassador (BA) is getting to attend exclusive events hosted by First Derivatives in which senior executives and HR staff often attend to give speeches on the range of emerging opportunities within First Derivatives. These events proved to be of significant benefit in extending my professional network and gave me the opportunity to meet a range of different professionals from various industries.

A further perk of working as a BA whilst on campus is the opportunity to make money which as most students are aware is well needed. For every person referred to FD who successfully get the job, you will receive £50. Considering every BA is required to refer a minimum of 10 people per year, you are guaranteed a minimum of £500 if you meet your targets. That said, once you begin chatting with people about the range of global opportunities, it isn’t too long until students are applying… easy money!

Overall, working as a BA whilst on campus at Queen’s University Belfast in my final year has provided me with a range of different skills that I hope to not only add to my CV but also utilise within my future career. Besides the different skills acquired whilst working as a BA, earning some well-needed money on the side was also a bonus!”