Kelly’s Brand Ambassador Journey

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By: Kelly Martin

After completing my placement year in FD, I was delighted to start my journey as a Brand Ambassador on campus in Queen’s University Belfast. I was excited to use my own personal experiences as a Software Engineer in FD to inform potential FD employees of what the role entailed, details of the Capital Markets Training Programme and the range of projects I worked on.

At the beginning of the academic year, we were challenged to refer 10 final year students to join the graduate programs at FD. In order to do so, we organised events on campus for students to attend which provided a good opportunity to promote the company and its opportunities. These events were often organised alongside other Brand Ambassadors, some of whom I met during my placement year or time at university.

We primarily targeted IT and Finance based students as these were the fields we were most knowledgeable in and could relate our work experiences to the roles these students would be most interested in.

This role has allowed me to improve my confidence and ability in presenting. I carried out several presentations to a range of audiences in my year and now feel more confident in public speaking. The confidence I gained proved beneficial when it came to making my final year project presentations.

Finally, working as a Brand Ambassador also allowed me to keep in contact with the FD staff, some of who I worked closely with throughout my placement year. Attending the FD events was a good way to catch-up with the staff and find out about any news or exciting opportunities within the company.

I thoroughly enjoyed working in First Derivatives on my placement year so it was natural for me to motivate students to get involved and apply to work in such a great company with endless global opportunities!