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By: Jonathan Bogues

I have worked at First Derivatives for 3 years now and have had the opportunity to work across
various functions, locations, and campaigns. During that time, not only have I watched the Business
Development function grow from strength to strength, I have also witnessed my confidence and
aptitude for the role continue to evolve. Rewind 3 years, and I couldn’t have predicted I would have
all the experience I have today. I remember that initial feeling of nerves as I ventured into the
unknown, as, unlike most of my colleagues, my journey began with little experience within
technology and finance. However, the thorough training I received from the business development
team and subject matter experts meant I quickly became au fait with key industry trends and our
suite of products and services. Since then, I have witnessed myself continue to add value to the firm,
not only through conversations with potential clients but also in identifying opportunities that were
aligned with FD’s services. It brought me a great level of satisfaction pushing global opportunities
through the pipeline, knowing that I was contributing to the FD success story.

Since then, I have gained exposure across various teams including the vendor service practice, and
typically speak with clients in Sydney, Paris, Boston, and California all in a day’s work. No two days
are the same.

For me, a key highlight included the opportunity to work and live in NYC for 3 months. With my bags
packed and airport check-in complete, I jetted off to for a 3-month date with Lady Liberty. During my
time there, I enjoyed on-the-job training, exposure to international clients, and opportunities to
catch up with friends and colleagues who had made a similar journey. On day one, I walked from my
apartment in downtown Manhattan to the office, passing by the New York Stock Exchange and the
infamous Charging Bull of Wall Street – a slight change from the streets of Newry! Less than 2 hours
later I was among the hustle and bustle of the subway, coupled with a stimulus overload as I
navigated through the crowds on Times Square to meet a client.

At FD , there is a great sense of team spirit and this rings true throughout the business where
everyone is given the autonomy to contribute new ideas and thinking to campaigns. This was
certainly an experience that gave me a great sense of accountability and the opportunity to grow in
my role. From these experiences, I have been able to mentor some of our more junior colleagues,
something that has undoubtedly brought with it a huge sense of pride.

First Derivatives often claims that its people are its greatest assets. With the personal and
professional investment that myself and my colleagues have experienced at FD, this is something I
can attest to. Working alongside such motivated and enthusiastic team members, it is obvious to see
why the company has continued to flourish, even during these unprecedented times.

Despite the infamous “You’re on mute!” phrase dominating much of work calls today, the transition
to working from home has opened so many doors for me over the past 12 months. I now find myself
face to face with C-Level executives from some of banking’s biggest names, albeit through Zoom.
Fortunately, I have been equipped with a virtual backdrop of our New York office overlooking the
Hudson River. Whilst it did disguise my slightly busy background, it’s a pity they couldn’t mute my
barking mad dog (pardon the pun).

As vaccination programs continue to roll out, a return to some sort of normality is insight. I for
one am looking forward to catching up with colleagues (socially distanced of course) all of whom
play a major role in the inclusive and dynamic culture at FD. Not only that but, I look forward to
securing my next lead and continuing the legacy built by Brian Conlon, and embracing the forward-
thinking leadership of First Derivatives/KX.


Think you have what it takes to excel in Technology Sales? We are currently recruiting

for Business Development Representatives to join the expanding Technology Sales

teams in our Newry and Belfast Offices.


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