My Futures Experience

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By: Rebecca Brady

I began my First Derivatives journey in March 2017 having graduated from Ulster University with a BSc in Marketing. Initially, I was unsure of what industry to start my career path. I wanted to try something a bit different and outside of my comfort zone- luckily the Futures Program enabled me to do just that. I have now been with FD for 18 months and have gained invaluable skills and knowledge in the Capital Markets industry.

My first day nerves were put at ease with help from HR, trainers and my new colleagues. The learning curve although steep was an enjoyable time as I became bonded with my new intake. Thankfully, all the new joiners were in the same boat and we were able to help each other through the first four weeks of training – something I am very thankful for!

The Futures Program is very much living locally but working globally. I am based in the Newry office and am currently working for a Tier 1 Investment Bank in FD’s Newry HQ. My role is centred on Regulatory Reporting which involves understanding the systems, databases and processes used for a range of reporting. My day-to-day tasks range from things such as Liquidity Coverage Reporting and reporting on the clients capital position. My initial training provided me with a platform to confidently carry out my day to day work and has thus been extremely worthwhile!

I am very proud of my career progression and knowledge gained in just 18 months and I feel lucky to be able to work alongside experienced and ambitious colleagues. The opportunities within FD are endless and I am truly looking forward to continuing my journey with them and seeing what the future brings.