The Importance of Being Kind During Uncertain Times

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By: FD Well-Being Team

The Importance of Being Kind During Uncertain Times


Mental Health Awareness Week, established by The Mental Health Foundation, takes place each year with the aim of reducing stigma and to get people talking about their mental health.

This year’s theme, “Kindness” encourages us to celebrate the incredible acts of kindness that have emerged in our community during this global pandemic, and their importance to our Mental Health.

Research suggests that Kindness can benefit our mental health in many ways, including reducing feelings of isolation, reducing stress and boosting positivity.


5 Ways Acts of Kindness Can Promote Mental Health

Below we have outlined some wonderful ways in which you can be kind to colleagues, community and self during these challenging times.


Ways to be Kind during Uncertain Times


Be Kind to Your Colleagues

  • Be Mindful – Although we are all at home, the circumstances we are working in can be quite different. Many of our colleagues have caring responsibilities for their children and vulnerable family members. Be mindful of this, show patience and understanding, and to reach out to those who may need some support.
  • Stay Connected – Whether it’s a simple “How’re you?” or a virtual coffee catch-up, make it a habit to check in with your colleagues regularly, particularly those who are living alone.
  • Support our Imperfections – Whether it’s frizzy hair, a messy house or an unexpected guest appearance, start every Zoom meeting by letting your colleagues know it’s ok to not have it together all the time, we’re all just trying our best!


Be Kind to Your Community

  • Offer help to your vulnerable neighbours – Filling out some #ViralKindess Postcards is a safe way to show you care and offer your assistance.
  • Support local businesses – Order food, keep up your memberships and reach out to local businesses via text or social media to let them know you look forward to returning once they reopen.
  • Donate – With traditional fundraising methods like charity shops, park runs and coffee mornings all coming to a halt, many local charities are struggling to survive. So, if you can, support the vulnerable by donating to a local cause close to your heart.


Be Kind to Yourself

  • Stay Active – The benefits of exercise for our physical and mental health are well established. For at-home workouts why not try the Seven Minute Workout App, Nike Training Club or Yoga with Adrienne– They’re all free to use!
  • Take 10 for Zen – When you are feeling overwhelmed, set 10 minutes to do activities that promote calmness like mindfulness mediation, breathing techniques, writing down how you feel, playing music or talking to a friend.
  • Make Room for the New – Reorganise your drawers and cupboards, bring out your Summer wardrobe and upload the photos your phone into folder on your laptop. Use this time to clear your head and home and enjoy the memories you discover while decluttering.


To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 and for advice and resources on taking care of your mental health, visit