What it’s like to be a Working Mum at FD

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By: HR Team

Here at FD, we understand the importance of balancing your life with your work, especially when you have a family. Our employees are not alone in their challenge. We want to be there for our staff in their pursuit of balancing their career, their personal lives, and whatever else they aspire to do.

We have so many incredible women that are thriving as a working mother. What is it like to manage motherhood and a successful career? We asked our staff what it’s really been like for them:

“Since becoming a mother, my circumstances and needs have changed a lot – from maternity leave to working hours. I really appreciate how FD has had open communication with me and enabled me to find the best way to balance all parts of my life.”
– Sales, London

“Having flexibility with my schedule has made a huge difference in my life. My team is really good about scheduling meetings within my working hours and not conflicting with my other commitments. There are several resources available and FD really makes them easy to access when you need them.”
Financial Consultant, Dublin

“I started out my career at FD doing what everyone dreams of doing – travelling the world. As a young consultant, it was perfect for me, but when I wanted to start a family, I realized I wanted to settle down in one place. FD was great about changing my role to suit what I wanted in my life, and now I’ve switched gears to pursue other career ambitions at our HQ.”
Senior Consultant, Newry

“Understanding work-life balance and dedicating time to family is an important part of working at FD. My managers encourage me to take my vacation time and make time for my family always, even when my work responsibilities seem to be building up. It has been so beneficial to me to have that encouragement from my employer so I never feel like I’m slacking off work to make more time for my family.”
– Data Scientist, NYC

“On top of all of the initiatives in place to support working mums, there are so many incredible role models within the company balancing the same things, all the way up to senior management. I never feel like I’m alone in being a working mum and there is always someone who understands to look up to or talk to.”
– Engineer, Newry

“Dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been a really uncertain time for my family. Balancing my kids and my work requirements has been more challenging than ever, but FD has been so supportive and accommodating of the situation and has encouraged me to work flexibly around my commitments at home. Adjusting to the “new normal” has taken some time, but I’m really happy with how easy FD has made it to navigate the work/life balance.”
– Business Analyst, Belfast

Whether you’re just starting to think about having a family or returning to work after leave, FD has a wide network to support you during this exciting time.
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