FD Colleagues Secure 8 Nominations at Computing’s Women in Tech Excellence Awards

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By: Emma McConville

Out of more than 800 nominees who entered this year’s Women in Tech Excellence Awards, we are delighted to announce that seven FD colleagues  have been shortlisted for an incredible 8 awards!

Learn more about each nominee as we shine as a spotlight on the women who are inspiring others in the industry, transforming the technology space and driving our success as an organisation.


Karen, Business Development Director

Shortlisted for Hero of the Year and Transformation Lead – Financial Services

Karen has been shortlisted for two awards because of her willingness to go beyond the call of duty and her transformative leadership style.


Having been with the company for more than 10 years, Karen has been recognised for her involvement in many great client wins, particularly the development of a significant strategic partnerships between Kx and a key client. Today, Karen carefully and professionally manages this relationship while delivering sales and growth. Through her leadership and sales approach, she has made a profound impact on the firm.




Megan, Financial Engineer

Shortlisted for Graduate of the Year

Megan has been shortlisted because she impressed the judging panel with the level of success she has achieved so early in her career.

Quickly recognised for the ease with which she can pick up complex concepts and adapt to new roles, Megan has rapidly progressed since joining FD in 2018. Still on the company’s Graduate Training Programme, Megan has made a profound impact on her colleagues and client in short timeframe. With her business knowledge, presentation skills and work ethic, Megan is an ideal candidate for graduate of the year.






Aimi, Software Engineer

Shortlisted for Rising Star of the Year

Aimi has been shortlisted because the judging panel recognised her as one of the most trailblazing young women in IT.

Less than two years at FD and already a team lead, Aimi has been recognised for her impressive relationship management skills and willingness to go beyond the call of duty to deliver for her clients. Between representing FD at public speaking events, developing training materials, joining the women’s network and mentoring three colleagues, Aimi is a shining example to female graduates everywhere of what you can achieve with a proactive mindset and a desire to make an impact.




Shíofra, Calypso Consultant

Shortlisted for Rising Star of the Year

Shíofra has been shortlisted due to the exceptional impact that she has made at FD within her short time at the firm.

Since joining FD on the Graduate Options Programme in 2017, Shiofra’s incredible drive and talent have seen her quickly progress into a leadership role, in which she has frequently been highlighted by the client for her exceptional contribution. Given her level of responsibility, trust and commitment at such an early stage in her career, Shiofra has truly showed herself as a rising star.



Laura, Vendor Practice Manager

Shortlisted for Role Model of the Year: Financial Services

Laura has been shortlisted because she has been recognised as an inspiration to her fellow colleagues.

Laura joined FD in 2016 and has progressed to become one of only two managers within FD’s Calypso practice. Laura is also responsible for the overall pastoral care of her team of consultants, providing feedback and career guidance on a regular basis. Under Laura’s leadership, a recent employee survey communicated that the Calypso practice was “one of the happiest places to work” within FD. Through her genuine care for her employees and devotion to her role, Laura has been an inspiration for women and men across the company on what it means to go above and beyond.





Geetha, Senior Software Engineer

Shortlisted for Software Engineer of the Year

Geetha has been shortlisted because she has demonstrated both excellence and a willingness to go above and beyond in the field of Software Engineering.

A senior software engineer who thinks like a system owner, Geetha is known amongst her peers for regularly exceeding client expectations, identifying bugs in record time and devoting her personal time to training new members of her team. Her deep level of knowledge and commitment to her role have seen her progress into her current role as training manager, and to be recognised as an inspiration to women entering the Software Engineering field.





Preeti, Onsite Delivery Manager

Shortlisted for Woman of The Year

Preeti has been shortlisted because of the significant success and change she has brought about within FD, as well as her ability to inspire others.

Since joining in FD in 2005, Preeti has worked on exciting projects across the globe, with her drive and ambition seeing her progress from support to project management roles. Most recently as an Onsite Delivery Manager, Preeti successfully lead a team in setting up the nearshore model for a client, from Front Office to Back Office covering five different business functions. Under Preeti’s inspiring leadership, the initially small team has grown significantly both in size, ambition and success.