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At FD a world of opportunity awaits. Accommodation package when in training or on client site. Whether you’re looking to fast track your global career in the capital markets industry or be at the forefront of disruptive technology, First Derivatives plc is the place for you.

With partners such as NASA FDL and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, and a multitude of Tier 1 Investment Banks as clients, FD, the largest software company in Ireland, offers attractive global opportunities for elite graduates. Develop your skills and advance your career path in an exciting, fast-paced environment at the forefront of new and innovative technologies.

FD are proud to have an international workforce, hiring graduates from universities globally. We invite all our new graduate hires to our HQ office for a minimum 4 weeks training with our IT/Finance professionals. Upon completion, our consultants are deployed to exciting client projects across the globe.

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Our Benefits

Check out the benefits below and some employee stories on their global career at FD!

Rapid Career DevelopmentRapid career development

Free AccomodationAccommodation package

trainingUp to 3 months training at HQ in Ireland

competitive-salaryCompetitive salary plus graduate package
worth over £60,000

receiptGenerous graduate expenses package including a weekly food allowance, flights package,
utility bills & wifi


Opportunities for global travel

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5 Top Tips for Global Career Success

by Hannah Cordner

At FD a world of opportunity awaits. Whether you’re looking to fast track your global career in the capital markets industry or be at the forefront of disruptive technology, First Derivatives plc is the place for you.

However, taking on the world can be daunting, so we’ve pulled together five top tips to help you on your road to achieving global career success! Take a read below!

1. Be prepared to travel 

Whilst we all have those ‘bucket-list’ cities in mind, it’s important to keep an open mind when you receive your first deployment to client site. You may get deployed to a global financial centre such as NYC or London, however, you may also get the opportunity to explore opportunities in the likes of Dublin, Munich, Stockholm, Singapore or Sydney! With each of these cities comes a breadth of experience, an invaluable asset moving forward in your career.

2. Research your deployment location 

Before moving to a new country/city it is vital you know where you will be working. If you are working on a business development capacity, knowing your competitors and potential clients is essential for successfully penetrating the market. For consultants, before going onto client site, understanding the culture, people and processes of different cities are key to making a good first impression!

3. Join a club or society

Moving to a new city often entails joining a new circle of colleagues and friends. From experience, our employees tell us the best way to get to know people and make the most of your time away is to join sports clubs or societies. From Yoga clubs in Seoul, Football teams in Singapore to Rock Climbing communities in Austin, our employees are quick to participate in activities in their new cities, making friends along the way! Plus, with a dedicated FD social team on hand, there are always monthly events for our employees to participate in!

4. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

You are headed to a new city, take this as an opportunity to explore the world and experience new activities! Whether it’s pushing yourself at work or sky diving at the weekend, at FD we’re proud to help you experience things you may never have had the opportunity to do so otherwise!

5. Don’t distance yourself from HQ 

When moving to a new city and onboarding to a new client it can be easy to forget your FD Family back at HQ. However, don’t forget to stay in touch with us! Whether it’s regarding accommodation, social events or general enquiries the #FDFamily are always here to help!

With these top tips packed in your suitcase, you can be sure to kick-start your global career success!