Note to Graduates: Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have temporarily paused hiring for our 2020 positions on all graduate roles.
Please continue to monitor our website regularly as we will soon reopen applications for 2021 graduates.


On the Data Science stream of our Options Graduate Scheme, you will be offered a unique opportunity to enter the Big Data world where the emphasis is on problem-solving using a combination of analytics, imagination and business understanding. Data Scientists explore vast amounts of information to detect patterns, trends and correlations that enable our clients to improve their products, services and revenue.

As a Data Scientist, you will work with our clients at their office sites, so you must be willing to travel extensively. The projects you may be working on will vary – our clients range from financial services to manufacturing to telecoms, just to name a few!

What we look for:

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Searching for a more data-focused finance role to showcase your technical abilities? Check out our new Financial Engineering Data Stream here!



Data Scientists will also partake in the award-winning Capital Markets Training Programme (CMTP), giving you the unique opportunity to expand your skillset and potential. Candidates will be exposed to the latest technologies for both structured and unstructured data including the market-leading kdb+ database and q analytics language, Hadoop, SAP HANA, IOS and Android all of which are hosted across best-in-class hardware, mobile and cloud-based platforms. For more information on the training, check out our advice centre.



What types of projects could you be working on?

Given our wide breadth of clientele, your role will vary widely depending on your project work. Usually you will work on each client project for 6-8 months, so you will work on 3-4 different projects over the 2-year period. There a variety of different roles you could take off, ranging from R&D to developing a client solution using the Kx platform suite. This could be something like creating a user interface (UI) for upgrading system functionality. Some projects you work on will be closely aligned with other teams, like the Machine Learning team, to develop the most efficient systems. Most roles are within the capital markets sector but there is a growing number of roles in other industries as well, including automotive, manufacturing, utilities and more.

Types of Projects


Through the Options Programme, you get the opportunity to work with top firms very early on in your career. Many of our employees have worked on projects in a Tier 1 bank within a few months of leaving university! There are unlimited opportunities to expand your knowledge, each role opens the door to new languages, programs and applications. The CMTP programme provides a multitude of learning opportunities in areas of finance, technology and consulting. 

Other benefits include

What is a typical day like?

There really is no ‘typical day’ as a Data Scientist! Projects and roles vary enormously, but this means you're never bored and always learning new things. Even a role within a new project with the same role title as you previously had could be different. One day you could be designing and building a user interface and the next you could be preparing data for analysis and visualisation.




“There are unlimited opportunities to expand your knowledge, the role opens the door to new languages, programs and applications. The role is very diverse in that one project can vary greatly from the next and the programming languages and technologies you use are often different from project to project. By contributing to client-based projects, the data science role provides increased levels of responsibility at an early stage in your career.”


“Since joining FD on the Options Programme, I have had several opportunities to take on exciting projects and even lead an international team to develop a new system. In my current role, I use Kx technology to help Aston Martin Red Bull Racing process, store and retrieve data faster than they ever have before – something I never expected to be doing when first starting my career!”


“The main benefit to my career so far has definitely been the people I work with. I've worked with some amazing women and men over the last 4.5 years that have reassured me when I needed it, listened to any concerns I had and let me gain experience without watching over my shoulder. It’s reassuring to know that it’s not just you dealing with issues and that your team is looking out for you. The clients you work with really help with career building. I have reported directly to the client’s CTO on one of my projects and was exposed to really senior people in different companies such as AWS when he took me along to meetings with him.”