Unlocking Potential

The Race to the Cloud is on yet there remains multiple top concerns and implementation blockers which are holding Capital Markets Institutions back from wholly adopting the Cloud.


First Derivatives draw upon years of direct, front-line Third Party Trading Technology experience as well as deep business knowledge together with the World’s Leading Cloud Providers to ensure our clients’ success.

We are on a mission to train up 2,000 consultants as part of our endeavor to overcome the concerns and challenges that our clients face namely with the lack of skilled resources, bandwidth, subject matter expertise on Third Party Trading Technologies and their safe migration to the Cloud.

our-cloud-dnaOur Cloud DNA

First Derivatives are the market leading provider of Third Party Trading Technology Implementation Services and Maintenance Solutions such as Murex and Calypso. Furthermore, we have hugely invested in our partnerships with the Leading Cloud Technology providers by certifying our Global Workforce and immersing them in Cloud knowledge.

As well as combining cloud expertise with our existing Vendor Service practices we’re bringing our experience with 3rd party software to innovative new Cloud solutions, such as Amazon Connect.

This enables our clients to leverage both our Vendor Experience together with our Cloud Expertise in order to safely navigate their Migration paths to their chosen Cloud solution. We accelerate those transitions through the use of our Innovative Tools together with our highly qualified Consultants both onsite and Nearshore.








Cloud Collateral





Our Cloud Services

Our clients leverage upon our skills, services and solutions during the migration execution phase and during the maintenance operations. In parallel to migrating our clients applications to their chosen Cloud, we wholly maintain their current platforms which addresses one of the main challenges that the market has encountered.

We also provide out of the box test cases and automation/reconciliation testing on behalf of our clients which is a major enabler of accelerating the time required to migrate efficiently to the Cloud and for reducing the overall Total Cost of Ownership.



Our Seamless Process


Our objective is to impart our best practice and our longstanding experiences with our clients so that we may define together with them the safest and most effective transition from enterprise to the cloud. Our total commitment to Quality and Efficiency is core to delivering upon the strategic initiatives of our clients.


Process Management, Strong Communications and a high adherence to Standards are the values that are indoctrinated in our consultancy services. We de-risk our Client Engagements through a Step by Step Agile process and ensure that we bring our clients with us along the migration journey. In managing and decommissioning the current Enterprise applications we provide an ITIL driven and KPI governed Managed Service to ensure current quality levels are exceeded.


We are not only a highly regarded consultancy company but one of the World’s most renowned Financial Software providers (Kx). Therefore we have a deep background in unleashing Innovative Solutions which are accelerators to achieving a maximum velocity and efficiency in our implementation sprints. Based upon our 25 Years of Capital Markets Technology engagements with our clients, we have greatly invested in Knowledge Management in order to ensure both internally and externally that we learn and in turn provide the rewards of that experience to our clients.


The First Derivatives Kx Ventures team have supported Coalface in their mission to use Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to deliver an investment edge. The combination of Kx technology running on AWS gives us differentiating capabilities to help drive our growth and success.” – Declan McEvoy, CEO, CoalFace





Our Cloud Academy

client-investmentTraining and Experience

Nearshore Cloud Academy

At First Derivatives, Training is at the heart of our operations. We have developed a world-leading Capital Markets Technical and Functional Training Platform that enables us to scale our client solutions. All of our global consultants have been placed through Cloud Training as part of this program with further external certifications gained through Training provided by our partnerships with the World’s leading Cloud Providers.

From our Nearshore center, we have a high capacity of scalable resources and services which our clients avail of as part of our program delivery in order to achieve maximum migration acceleration.

Scalable Services

AWS Training & Certification

Infrastructure & Architecture

Cloud Proof of Concepts

Third Party Technology Centre of Excellence


Automated Testing Solution Provision

Knowledge Management Library

Client Operations


Why Choose Us?

Our Vision is Incredible

We believe that our clients will be rewarded greatly from the potential benefits that can be leveraged from cloud adoption. We vividly see those benefits and our focus is to enable our clients to realize those benefits in terms of costs, flexibility and scalability. It is a task that requires careful planning and understanding and given our background in Capital Markets, in Third Party Trading Technologies, Our Partnerships with the Key Cloud Providers and our Global client base we are uniquely positioned to guide our clients throughout their transition.


Third Party Vendor Expertise


Capital Markets Domain Knowledge


Cloud Provider Certification


Proven Track Record


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