Executive Summary

First Derivatives plc (FD) have grown from 200 people in 2008 to over 1500 people in 2015, establishing offices in New York, London, Philadelphia, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Hong Kong, as well our Near Shore Centre in Newry, Co Down, Northern Ireland.

Business + Technology

FD solves problems by considering the business and technology issues involved. We have a proven track record of being able to provide business and IT professionals who understand financial and technology issues in an ever-changing regulatory environment. This unique blend empowers our clients, providing real, practical solutions to the problems they face.

Near Shore Capability

FD’s Near Shore Services from First Derivatives enable our clients to lower costs, reduce risk and improve quality of service. Our Near Shore Centre in Newry, Northern Ireland has the benefit of close proximity to key commercial centres in the UK and Europe, GMT time zone, and the use of a common language.

Flexibility in Delivery and Potential to Scale

FD is uniquely placed to provide and maintain requisite resourcing for periods of high demand. Operating from low-cost Near Shore centres enables FD to minimise cost without compromising on quality or availability of resources. Our recruitment combines attracting skilled resources to benefit from their experience and domain knowledge, as well as investing in developing new talent through our financial markets graduate programme. Our pre-employment screening, recruitment and on-boarding processes have been industrialised to scale up at short notice and our core business is predicated upon flexing recruitment numbers to meet fluctuations in demand. As a result FD can ramp up dedicated resourcing for fixed periods at short notice. Additionally, through careful capacity planning and service provider selection it continually ensures it has sufficient excess capacity in its physical infrastructure to accommodate significant scaling of engagements.