On September 18th, 2019 we held a ‘Transform your Business: Innovate in the Cloud’ event at the EPIC Museum, Dublin. The event proved a great success as a result of the combination of the unique venue, audience numbers, the calibre of speakers and of course the Aston Martin Red Bull F1 static showcar, and what an attraction it was! The 130 strong crowd were provided with lots of practical insights into how AWS, Quantile Technologies and BestX are dealing with data management challenges across their organisations alongside unique use cases into cloud transformation. Following the presentations, attendees enjoyed networking over hot canapes whilst navigating their way through the impressive EPIC Irish Emigration Museum, a first-time experience for many! In case you missed it, or want to refer back, our speakers have kindly shared their presentation slides. You can find them below.

Speaker Videos


"I needed a database that was manageable, easy to deploy on the cloud, flexible, interoperable, with a powerful query language, that worked off cheap storage, and it needed to be really, really fast - I just had to go with kdb+. Kdb+ can be appropriated for any business case that you have. You can input any type of data, and it will beat the performance of any other technology. We were able to use the cheapest storage AWS offer, S3, with 9 9’s reliability, while maintaining the same performance as if working off SSDs at less than 1/10th the cost. It’s incredible."

Aman Thind. Co-Founder and CTO, BestX

Speaker Presentations

Peter Williams
Amazon Web Services
Aman Thind
Alan Shannon,
First Derivatives